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Witcham Community Archive is a developing collection of images and memories of Witcham from its early history to present day. The earliest settlers were Neolithic farmers living in the river valley to the north of the village. They left behind the flint and greenstone axes with which they cleared and burned the trees which were growing here. The Bronze Age people who came after them kept livestock, and left their socketed spearheads, daggers and shields in the same river valley. Iron Age settlers built ditches and banks to protect their settlements. The Romans left coins and the magnificent helmet found at Witcham Gravel. No Saxon relics have been found here, but the place names Hythe (a harbour), Slade (a muddy track), and the village name Witcham itself comes from Saxon words. Originally Wiceham, and later Wycham, it means ‘the place of the wych elms‘.

This is the website of one of the groups in the Cambridge Community Archive Network. Here you can browse through our collection of local historical material, which includes photos, old documents and the memories of local people.

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We have created a new Category labelled ‘Unknown’ in which you will find images that we would like to have your help in identifying places and/or people who have lived in Witcham. If you are able to add to, comment upon or correct any information on this site, please contact us via ‘Comments’ or the ‘Get in touch’ link. Be aware that these sites are heavily ‘spammed’ and your valid comment may be missed. Should your comment not appear within a reasonable period, say 14 days, please try again, perhaps with a different header.

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